Curtain fall


This is the second album of the band Ledge in heavy vinyl format. It was recorded in New York, in 2015 and mastered by Jay Maas and Mark Threnody at Rochester mastering studio, who have worked with bands such as Converge and Motionless in White. The record contains 15 tracks, including instrumental interludes. On this album, we can find many different influences from hardcore to death metal, but all songs are united under one sound – something that has been named by reviewers as “brutal hardcore”. Some tracks can be described as “battle-tested”, but all of them will get your heart beating faster than ever!

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Limited edition vinyl album of Invisible Contract by the band Ledge, record label W&M Records. This album is the 2nd full-length release of the band. It was recorded in New York 2015 and released worldwide in 2016. The first “Absolute Brightness” album was released in 2011 and recorded in 2008. Both albums were produced by the band’s founder Allan Cepeda.

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